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so. i just wanna tell you guys that, the title is now completely irrelevant to my story xD maybe ill change it up a bit and- wait nvm i got an idea :D ill put it in chapter 3 ;)


"Now sir. You don't have to be so barbaric." Roderich snorted. The man dropped me and turned to Roderich. "y'know. I may not know what that means, but I don't like the sound of it." The man swung at him and hit him off of his feet.

~*~*~ ohhonhonhon~ le time skip~*~*~*~


I opened my eyes and groaned. Fuck my head hurts. I tried my best to stand up as I walked into the bathroom.
I rubbed my eyes and looked into the mirror. I had blood on my face and now my hands. Must've been hit hard. I looked at my hands; they were covered in blood from wiping my face.
I messily took my shirt off and wiped my hands on it and tossed it into my bedroom.
All of the sudden the delightful scent of cake filled the air. He couldn't be... I snuck down the hall and peered into the kitchen,
He is! I saw Gilbert in the kitchen shirtless, well in an apron, baking some cakes. I watched as his muscles rippled slightly with every movement. I couldn't look away.
I tried to make as little noise as possible, so I could observe as long as possible. I hesitantly moved my foot out. "FUCK!" I screamed, as I accidently hit my toe off of the wall.
Gilbert shrieked and jumped while dropping the pan which was full of cake batter.
"I'm sorry! I didn't mean to startle you!" I quickly said.
"Don't worry. I'm sorry I didn't ask you if I could use your food. I just remember Ludwig telling me how much you like cake. So I thought I'd bake you some." Gil said blushing.
I froze for a moment. "Thank you Gil~" The Prussian man looked up at me, his face still had a little blood on it and his chest had bruises.
I couldn't help but stare. He giggled.
"Y-you've got cake batter all over your chest." I blushed and stood up. I walked over to the sink and grabbed a wet cloth.

Im sorry guys -.- I know it's a really short chapter…but trust me ;3 the next part will be worthhh ittt. *fan girl moment* 'GAHHH PRUSSIA HELPED FIGHT FOR AUSTRIA WHILE HE WAS PASSED OUT AND THEN HE CARRIED HIM TO HIS HOUSE, UNDRESSED HIM AND THEN PUT HIM IN BED!!!! –nosebleed.-  WAIT WAIT. Before you go. I wanna say a very happy birthday to my best friend Eden. I luhh you flying mint bunny <3~  

Okay love you guysss ~~~~~ <3



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